Are there limits on where I can locate or place a manufactured home?

  • Many cities and towns, still relying on outdated perceptions and stereotypes of “mobile homes,” have zoning regulations limiting where you can place a manufactured home. However, more and more urban and suburban governments are recognizing that today’s manufactured homes are virtually indistinguishable from site-built homes and are allowing manufactured homes to be placed in their communities.  In fact, on June 25, 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order directing federal agencies to work together to facilitate the production of affordable housing.  The Executive Order focuses on alleviating barriers that impede the production and specifically references manufactured housing as an area that has been hindered due to “outdated manufactured-housing regulations and restrictions.”  The established Affordable Housing Council is tasked with accomplishing the following by January 2021:  Recommend federal, state, local and tribal policies that would (1) reduce and streamline statutory, regulatory, and administrative  burdens that inhibit the development of affordable housing supply at all levels of government; and (2) incentivize state, local and tribal governments to reduce barriers to affordable housing development.
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